Student/University Affliations and New Grads

Prime Rehabilitation Services offers great opportunities:

  • Student affiliations in sub-acute nursing homes;
  • Clinical presentations while students enjoy a catered lunch;
  • A valuable mentoring program for new graduates with a seasoned therapist.

With our wide variety of seasoned therapists, in various locations across the tri-state area, Prime Rehabilitation Services takes great pride in hiring recent new graduates and hosting clinical affiliations for physical and occupational therapy students.

Our therapists are well versed in supporting students and new graduates with a structured program focused on building therapy skills. Inexperienced therapists gain a sound foun-dation and develop good analytical skills, clinical techniques and the tools they will need to provide their skilled care to help patients exceed functionally. They learn that the sub-acute/nursing home is much more comprehensive than other settings.

The mentoring therapist carefully selects the appropriate patients for the new graduates/students to evaluate and treat. With guidance, the new graduates/students selects short-term and long-term functional goals and chooses the appropriate treatment techniques according to the patient’s ability level. The new graduates/students are involved in all aspects of the patient’s care, including education for the caregiver and instruction for their safe discharge to the nursing home or to the community

Education and Specialty Programs

Prime Rehabilitation Services will coordinate with the Director of Nursing and/or the education coordinator to establish a continuous training program to the facility staff. Subjects will include but are not limited to the following:

Skilled Therapeutic Intervention and Quality Care

Provide in-servicing to the staff as to the resident’s need for therapy and potentially positive outcomes.  Review the nursing referral process and encourage therapy intervention when appropriate.

Restorative Nursing

Coordinate with nurses a restorative nursing program geared to continue and maintain patient’s ability. Follow-up monthly in conjunction with nursing to ensure well-coordinated patient-centered care.


Proper body mechanics training for nursing staff designed to teach correct transfers for patient and prevention of job-related injuries.

Range Of Motion

Provide in-service programs for nursing staff, to perform with patients during AM care, and/or with an emphasis on slow stretching prior to splint applications.

Documentation Compliance

Collaboration with nursing staff of proper documentation to support skilled care intervention.  Continuous therapy documentation review for compliance. Collection and review of therapy documentation for denial/audit avoidance.