Business Support

With our Director of Rehabilitation, therapy staff on site, and our corporate team to support them, we are here for you, seven days a week, to make sure that therapy care is integrated fluidly and efficiently.

Therapy services are a critical revenue stream for your business — as vitally important to you as therapy itself is to your residents.

Prime Rehabilitation Services provides compassionate and experienced therapists, and the skilled level of management necessary to keep them — and your facility — running smoothly. Because we partner with your facility and bring a full-time dedicated therapy team, the operational side and daily oversight are fully on our shoulders. Our Director of Rehabilitation works with your nursing staff to schedule residents for therapy so that daily operations are seamless.

Prime Rehabilitation Services has developed a comprehensive and unique therapy system that will increase your facility’s revenues.  We have implemented treatment and billing systems that are customized to each payer source.  These systems allow the therapists to provide high quality treatment while still meeting government billing regulations and maximizing reimbursement within a given category.  

G-codes are a necessary and challenging component of the billing process for most payer sources.  Prime Rehabilitation Services utilizes a three tiered review system to ensure complete compliance with government regulations.

Prime Rehabilitation Services forms a true risk sharing partnership with your facility, because one is interdependent on the other.  It also ensures that we are all working toward the same common goal of achieving quality care and at the same time maximizing reimbursement.  Prime Rehabilitation Services works with the MDS coordinator and business office to ensure PPS RUG category accuracy, covered date correspondence, and matching invoices.  

When you partner with Prime Rehabilitation Services, you can expect teamwork, great feedback on your surveys, and more income to your facility.

“I have never dealt with a company with stronger ethics. These ethics are actually practiced not just ‘pitched.’”