Staffing and Recruiting

Prime Rehabilitation Services takes responsibility for recruiting, retaining, and educating the therapy department staff. We bring a dedicated therapy team that includes a full time Director, and specialty therapists for each facility we serve. Our recruiters maintain a qualified pool of additional staff members to ensure continuous coverage during vacations, holidays, and medical leaves.  Our corporate human resources team handles all employee expenses and human resource functions, including salaries, benefits, taxes, insurance, and performance management.

Our Expert Team and Management Oversight

  • Nursing home based therapy company servicing the tri-state area.
  • Therapist owned and operated.
  • Executive staff with extensive clinical, financial, business management, and human resource experience.
  • On-site presence, communication, and continuous oversight.

Prime Rehabilitation Services recognizes that the rehabilitation department is part of the entire nursing home team. We provide the best care for the residents and assist in implementing positive change in the facility while increasing revenues.